My Chiropractor Helped My Sore Neck

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother going to my regular doctor, when my chiropractor is so great. I know I have the best San Jose chiropractor, and I found him through my neighbor. There was a day a few weeks ago when I was having problems with my neck. Every time I woke up it would be incredibly stiff and I would barely be able to move it. I told my neighbor about this, and we got to talking. She told me about how great her chiropractor is and encouraged me to schedule a visit.

Prior to this I had seen a doctor several times, but he wasn’t able to do much. He told me to put heat on it, and try sleeping with a different type of pillow, but that didn’t work. I went to the chiropractor like my friend recommended, and after the first visit I felt like a new person. My neck pain had pretty much gone away completely. I was surprised that only took one visit before I was feeling so good. I went back the next week, and continued treatment with the doctor. I’m feeling a lot better now, but I still plan on visiting the chiropractor regularly.

At this point, it’s not just my neck that he works on, I have him work on my entire body, especially my back. I spend a lot of time sitting during the day, so when it comes time to see the chiropractor, I feel a sense of relief. I really should get up and stretch more throughout the day, because my back seems to hurt more when I sit all day. That’s what my chiropractor recommends as well. He says I should take regular stretch breaks throughout the day. He seems like a wise person, so I’ve been trying to follow his recommendation.